Join CAND or CAND Districts

You are not registered as a member of CAND or of a specific district to be able to view this page. To be able to view CAND pages, please change your state affiliation to California with AND. If you would like to gain access to this page or a specific district’s pages, please become a member of that district. Visit CAND District Landing page to view all 10 (ten) CAND Districts. You can search by zip code to determine what district is closest to you. Visit that district Website to complete the membership application form, and pay the district membership fees. Your Membership Chair will notify the myCAND Webmasters of your membership, and you will be granted access to the district’s pages.

If you do not have access to a specific district, and you are a member, please have your membership chair notify Anita Young orĀ Laura Blevins. Have your Membership Chair include your AND# for verification of your membership. Notifications from members will not be accepted; the membership verification must come from the Membership Chair.